Diabolic description genie failure.

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Something in this is banned.

"A classic Georgian house built during the reign of King George V. Commemorative markings of 1893 AG are on the guttering on the front of the house."

A banned word. Really? Are Americans that confused by the correct and appropriate use of the English language that they have to ban words? [REDACTED]

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    What was the description? (PoiDescription is the previous page)

    Yeah I can't see anything in the text, except maybe gutter. But that'd be ridiculous.

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    I had downpipes, drainpipes. In the end I just got rid of the second sentence.

    Even the dumbest filter can extrapolate context. But I bet there is some purely American slang going on in there that no one knows about in the rest of the world!!

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    I did think that it was King George ... Bringing back memories on why Americans think they need so many guns!! Protect against the state they are running from re-invading the invaders.

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