Two drones

I have two drones, which both have individual locations, but only one can hack. Exactly as described in

D1 Move, D2 Move, D2 Hack - Cooldown - D2 Move, D1 Move, D1 Hack - Cooldown - D1 Move, ...

Can you look into the issue and fix it?

PS: Side Feedback: In the Forum it says: "If you’re seeing an account-specific issue, the forum isn’t the best place to seek help. Instead, tap Main Menu > Settings > REPORT PROBLEM > Contact Us." -> The Bot to which I was talking to, just redirected me here....

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  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Bot doesn't redirect if you choose, skip - then one of the options that isn't bug, problem or something...

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭

    This is technically a bug but is one that is already known and is being looked into. Niantic is aware.

    The issue lies in thar you have your DroneNet layer turned on. The "two drones" is the place marker showing where your drone currently is, the other being the one that plays the "flying" animation when traveling to a new Portal. Then when the drone 'gets' to the new portal (location is updated) the 'other drone' catches up.

    The simplest way to 'solve' (aka ignore) this issue on your side for now is to just disable your DroneNet view when using your drone. Or just recognize that you don't actually have two drones. One is just the visual place marker for where your Drone is, similar to what you would see if you ever encounter another drone in the wild that isn't yours.

  • @ArkFang: No, in Droneview I see 3 drones. The "Big" drone, the marker, where I am currently. Two other drones of the side of the portal. Please read the orgiginal post, what this is about.

    When I move "the" drone, the big drone moves to the new location (there is no drone yet). Trying to hack the new portal results in an error, that I am out of range. Going back to the main screen and back to the drones, I am back at portal one (there is my "Big" drone and one side drone). Moving the drone to a portal (for example to the portal I already moved to), I can hack this portal. Now there are here all the drones. I could have choosen to pick another portal, then the paths of the drones will diverge....

  • @NianticThia seems to be able to resolve this issue individually.

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