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I have this setting (consent for codename attribution) turned OFF. I’ve had it turned off since the day the setting went live. And yet, Ingress continues to show my name on every portal in game. This is unacceptable. Pokemon go, Wayfarer, and Pikmin manage to keep my codename off my photos in game. I reported this on the wayfarer forum, with no change, in September 2021. This is an Ingress issue.

I’m running the latest Ingress version 2.92.1 on the latest iOS.

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    This option is for showing your name or not on POI appearing on wayfarer showcase

    Not for in game info.

  • @willowitaly Ingress launched with a username visibility model where Agents' Portal nominations, photo uploads, and Portal activity is shared with codename attribution visible to other Ingress players, and it has always worked this way since we launched back in 2012. We turn 10-years-old this Nov. As you mentioned, this is an Ingress issue. We will investigate how to decouple displaying Ingress usernames on Ingress Portal nominations and photo uploads in Ingress based on your Niantic Wayfarer settings, but this is not a quick or easy fix with an immediate solution.

  • “Niantic may not display your in-game codename on your Wayspot submissions in Wayfarer and Niantic Games” seems pretty clear cut to me.

    Thanks @NianticBrian. Glad to have it acknowledged. Ingress has been showing my codename on wayspots that I submitted via Pokemon Go too now, so it’s gotten worse since “Niantic Profiles” came out

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    @NianticBrian out of curiosity for the time being can't the toggle setting @willowitaly is refering to be used to mask the ingress agents name rather than remove it completely much similar to how pogo displays "Unknown" on a submission ever since wayfarer came into being from what i've been seeing...ex..Go from "willowitaly" to "unknown".

    The "unknown" Agent tag has always bugged me as you cant always tell which user good or bad across niantic games has submitted which good/bad portal/poi,however in my local area i have a pretty good idea on the culprits.

    While concealing the username is a handy feature to implement you still need to retain the username/game account ID for when & if issues may arise,such as to wayfarer reviewers or Official Support Staff.

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