No emails for edits or noms using Apple Hide My Email

When I submit an edit or nomination in ingress, I get no emails confirming the nomination, nor emails when they are approved or rejected. However, they are going through as several edits have made it into the game. I do receive emails for in game activities, however (portal being attacked…).

I use an iPhone 7, signed in with Apple using their Hide My Email Feature. Since the emails for edits and nominations come from Wayfarer, the problem is likely in the implementation of Apple login with Hide My Email as it relates to Wayfarer emails for activity submitted through Ingress.

Wayfarer does not have an Apple login, so I am unable to check on the status of my activities. I never learn of rejections and only learn of acceptances when I see them in game during regular game play.

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  • @BigJimSlade66 are you able to link an additional login method (like Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook) to your Niantic Account with Apple Hide My Email, sign into Wayfarer, and then configure your Wayfarer email settings to get notified with status updates? I believe email notifications for Ingress Portal edits and nominations are now handled by the Wayfarer Team, but it sounds like there may be conflict where we support Apple Hide My Email but they don't currently support it.

  • I don’t have, nor will I create, a Google or Facebook login, so Wayfarer is not available (nor is the intel map for that matter).

    Fundamentally if you can take an action in game in Ingress that results in an email, you should be able to get it without having to create alternate logins and linkages.

    Wayfarer not supporting Apple login prevents such players* of Pokémon Go from submitting or making edits, and prevents Ingress players from getting notification emails, and prevents both such players from reviewing.

    * who won’t create logins for Facebook or Google

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