Portal Scanning in low data areas fails

I almost exclusively use the Upload Later function for my portal scanning, as doing it from home is loads quicker.

However, if you are in a low data area, but can manage a hack and deploy, if you portal scan, then hit the upload later button the device tries to do something network like and fails if it doesn't get connection.

The whole concept of upload later, is to save to the device and upload later!

You can probably reproduce this by enabling flight mode whilst you are doing the portal scan.

image has the triangle spinning in the bottom left whilst the image of the scan cycles through endlessly.

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  • Same experience - the ping that gets sent must be doing something but what? Registering the scan so it knows to expect the upload later? Couldn't that be saved into a background task list? Do agents really need to wait around for that?

    I did a hike where there was enough data on hilltops to load the basic portal info.

    The 4 neutral portals were loaded into the scanner, I could view them but I couldn't cap or save a scan.

    The selected portal had enough data to place a resonator but not enough to save a portal scan.

    The two portals outside the red dashed lines were able to be fully capped but saving the scan to upload later took about 5 minutes each attempt. A good thing I was alone!

    It would be great if we understood what the data is doing but even better to remove the need for it.

    ref: https://imgur.com/a/FXtjtmj

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    This likely occurs because there is just too much latency, lost packets.

    All the scanner does is send to the server that a scan was done, at this portal, at this this time, of this number of frames.

    It is just a few kilobytes

    But Even so, try to use meshing if able, as that will tell you if the scan is good.

    I often cannot get a mesh of a plaque or small sign post, and often hope the point cloud method is good enough

  • Hi Grogyan, I use meshing, don't see how it helps in a low data situation and don't see the value in making us wait for that handshake to happen. It could be queued to run behind the scenes when the data connection is re-established.

    If the idea is to encourage us to explore we are going to find ourselves in low data areas from time to time. The game needs to be able to adapt to those circumstances.

    It might have been fun to have a bunch of portals where I was Scout Controller yet had never "visited" or "capped".

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