Kythera - FAQs

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Q: What do the ornaments in the 10 selected cities indicate?

As noted by NianticOfficial, the ornaments now appearing in the 10 selected cities are to give Agents a rough idea of the playbox submitted by the local organizers for play. They may or may not be anything else but Agents in these areas should expect NIASection14 RBBs and Shards in the area outlined.

Q: How will the Shards be scored?

For each Shard scored, that team gets 1 of the 13 available Shard points.

E.g. 1: ENL scores 13 Shards. ENL gets 13 points, RES gets 0.

E.g. 2: RES scores 8 Shards, ENL scores 5 Shards. RES gets 8 points, ENL gets 5 points.

E.g. 3: ENL scores 5 Shards. RES scores 5 Shards. 3 Shards go unscored. ENL gets 5 points, RES gets 5 points, 3 points go unassigned.

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