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I have a drone problem. This has been since early december 2021. I have also reported this same issue before but havent got any good answer/ or been solved. It Seems like i have 2 drones. When i try to move my drone it says "Out of range" (1). If i go out and in again i can move my drone again and hack (2). This time the drone is in an other location. Next time when i can move my drone i can hack the first (1) portal and when i try to move that one it says "out of range". Then when i go out and in again i can move the drone (2) again in the other location. I am trying to collect Unique drone hacks. And as it is now one of the drones collect unique hacks while both drones are counting the Maverick,. Please help me! I wanna get rid of the problem

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  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    I experience a timing issue with drones... if you go in/out and quickly hack, it will say out of range.

    Purely a timing issue for the case I see, and fairly reproducible. But just a matter of going slow to work around it.

  • Jeklu75Jeklu75 ✭✭

    @phthoruth It doesnt help for me. Ive tried that one alredy

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