Vesak Resistance MeetUp at Mexico City

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Inspired by the XM fluctuations of #VesakIngress , I called my fellow Agents for a MeetUp on the evening of May 12 at the Masayoshi Ohira park, with the intention to meditate on the past, present and future of the Resistance community at Mexico City.

The location was perfect because its a small park that is away from traffic sound and has Oriental type structures that help you get in the mood to reflect and relax.,-99.141672&z=17

Being a Friday 13, and because there was a very short noticed on the event, only @MaguiHV answered the call and let me know that she would arrive a little late.

Around 19:00 I placed the Resistance Beacon and sent a Faction COMM in case there were agents unaware of the event nearby. And after that I got a sit, took out my scanner, and decided to farm low resos while waiting.

Feeding my mind with continuous GlyphSequences quickly got me into a trance state. I started to think about how nowadays the RES agents seem less motivated to gather or do coordinate actions with the scanner... I then thought about all the great agents that have eventually retired, lost contact, or just play ocasionally for medals and events. Also the loss of agent @D1360mty who passed away at the begining of the Pandemic...Things have changed a lot in the last years, but as always: Its time to move.

I finished my reso farming, and I believe that the trance state and the absorbed XM of the nearby portals must have keened my observation skills and i felt like taking pictures.

I noticed that other people got affected by the XM and were infused with creativity, and i found this sensitive dressed up as a japanesse warrior? ninja? samurai? not really sure but she looked cool.

The bright color of Flowers seemed to catch my eye, as the sunset advanced. Im not versed in botanics, so I dont know the name of the flowers... Maybe someone reading this could recognize them and comment??

After the flowers, structures were now the center of my attention... The intensity of Red in contrast with the green at twilight... The shapes of the structures in the middle of the nature... The reflections moving and with distortion on the water made me think of #KurezeEffect !!!

And finally, @MaguiHV arrived!! We decided to use the rest of the portals and leveled them Up to increase the XM influence now that the light was fading and darkness started taking over. Now we were glyphing more complex sequences and decided to call this "Glyph Meditation"

I didnt go into trance state this time, but my mood started to lighten up with the presence of @MaguiHV and we were having a good time glyphing, chatting, and joking. I guess XM is always better with Friends!

With the night upon us, now the main object of attention was the Vesak Moon!!

It started to get late, and the heat demanded drinks, so we took a few more funny shots to end our MeetUp.

It was an interesting evening... full of many thoughts that will probably remain evolving in my head. Im sure that something good for the Resistance will come out of this.

Thanks for Reading, dont forget to Like, comment, share and I want to see what others are doing for Vesak Day!!!

#ResistanceMexico #IngressMexico #GlyphMeditation

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