May 2022 Second Sunday

This month 59 Agents met virtually on Telegram, participating in this month's Ingress Second Sunday.

59 Agents,

17,403,833 AP,

12 levelups,

30358424 XM Recharged,

738 Unique Missions Completed,

747 km walked.....

Lots of Fun, Cake, Beer, Coffee, and companionship

Thank You



  • What beautiful happy people! I missed this telegram event, but look forward to the day I get blessed to join one myself. Stay safe 'out there' friends and shiny things 💖💖💖

    Also a cute art I made of concept of 'luigi' and 'mario' the two brothers.

    Aww lol jkjk. I can't share art yet but that's ok I'll get there c: feel free to check out my Twitter friends! @ProfessorStein4 💖

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