The Kythera Mechanism

This is what I have found so far....

What is Kythera?

Kythera is a greek island on the mediterranean sea that on ancient times was a crossroad for trading, sailors, and conquering armies.

On mythology, Kythera is the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of Love.

What is the Kythera Mechanism?

There is no information about a device with such name, but there is a lot of information about an "Anti-Kythera Mechanism". AntiKythera is another island. The mechanism takes the name since it was found at the bottom of the sea on a shipwreck near AntiKythera island.

K on his SIGINT describes Antikythera mechanism as "ancient computer that shouldn´t exist" and Kythera as a "sister mechanism"

Googling that phrase returns the following.

"The Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism (/ˌæntɪkɪˈθɪərə/ AN-tih-kih-THEER-ə) is an ancient Greek hand-powered orrery, described as the oldest example of an analogue computer used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses decades in advance."

K also talks about "fragments or pieces" for Kythera Mechanism. It is known that Antikythera has missing pieces too (82 pieces survive at the museum)

Somehow, Kythera Mechanism, Kureze Effect and the **** of Dr. Victor Kureze on 1218 are related.

In a more encrypted message from K that was decoded, it sounds as if the origin of Kythera Mechanism is related to XM, or Exogenous beings:

"I'm going to need all the help you can give, whether you're Enlightened or Resistance, as we continue the investigation into Kythera and its origins."

It is hinted by the NIA that the Anomaly result will influence K into USE or DESTROY the Kythera Mechanism.

"In the Kythera Anomaly Series, an Enlightened victory will shape K’s decision to use the Kythera Mechanism. A Resistance victory will convince them to destroy it."

As a result of Phase 1 Kythera Anomaly, we got another encripted message from K. The answer makes reference to a character that may be familiar to the agents: KLUE, but it is uncertain if K is Klue, if we are talking about 1218 Klue, or if this is Osiris version of Klue.

Its also not clear what does Klue has to do with Dr. Kureze and Kythera.

We are about to enter Phase 2 of Kythera Anomaly and there is a lot of speculation going on about this... but we need to get more reliable information to solve this mysteries.

Feel free to share your ideas, theories, and findings!

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