Visual glitch when viewing long-distance portals

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Hi all.

I have already reported the following bug to Niantic via the app support. They said they could not replicate the bug and that they haven't received other reports so they don't think it is widespread. I am contributing here because so that other people can contribute.


  • Use a dynamic link to view a portal which is located a long distance away (the further away the more obvious the glitch)
  • In the remote view, click on some pair of portals which are close together to bring up the portal disambiguation selection.
  • Select one of the portals.

Effect: Text and graphics glitches. The hit boxes for buttons are also affected and are not where you would expect. Sometimes it is necessary to restart the game because the hit box for the "X" button is not located within the screen area.


Portal view:

Zoom in to show text and graphic issues more clearly :

Portal disambiguation screen:

Zoom in to illustrate that the text and the border of the white box is affected even on this screen:

If anyone wants to try to replicate, here are some dynamic links for various locations. Pick somewhere on the opposite side of the planet for greatest effect.

Sydney, Australia:

Cape Town, South Africa:

London, UK:

Los Angeles, USA:


  • While it is most visible for portals on the other side of the planet, portals located as close as a few thousand kilometres away will still have minor text distortions, however you will generally need to zoom in on the text and look closely to notice it.
  • It is necessary to bring up the portal disambiguation menu for the glitch to work. Nothing happens if you click and it goes straight to the portal screen.
  • I believe it might only work if the access via a dynamic link, as opposed to accessing via a key.
  • This is 100% reproducible for me, and has been confirmed by two other players.

Device details:

iPhone 13 Pro, iOS version 15.4.1

Ingress app 2.92.1-ba7acf4a

4G & Wifi.

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