Approved portal does not appear in Ingress, but is shown in Pokemon as used in another game (Ingress

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I got a portal in Ingress accepted, it doesn't show up in the game, but it shows up in Pokemon as being used in another game. On new submissions the portal is shown as being in the game, leading to rejection of any new submission as duplicate.

Since the wayspot is not clickable or does not appear in any game, I can only give the approximate position. In addition, the position in the Lightship database does not match the submitted position.

Portalname Löwe vom Ravenna-Platz

Position shown in Pokemon: 49.303717, 8.430567

Position of Submission: 49.30393250694033, 8.430557936871097

If ther ist no other possible solution, please delete unused Wayspot from database. If possible please move Wayspot to the originally submitted position so he will show up in other games.

Nearby portal Ravenna-Brunnen

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    Ingress isn't the only other Niantic game. As far as I know, Pikmin draws from ALL Wayspots in the database, and be it just to provide a postcard.

    Even if not, just because it's not in any Niantic game, it doesn't mean that the Wayspot should be deleted. Wayfarer is a huge database of POIs that Niantic wants to use and sell/rent to other companies. It might also be used in future games or even in Ingress and Pokemon Go if another Wayspot nearby is removed. As long as it's still valid, the Wayspot will remain in the system.

    Niantic won't move the Wayspot away form it's correct location just for it to appear either. In this case, sorry to say, but you're out of luck.

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    The Wayspot is as dedicated above on wrong position !

    So Niantic has to move it to the right position.

    But nobody without Niantic can do this because nobody is able to request that.

  • Akzeptiert or Accepted means that the Portal submission was accepted by Wayfarer; however, it does not necessarily mean that it will be approved and then go live as a Portal in Ingress. The most common reason in our game is that a given Portal submission is within 20m of an existing Portal, and we retain "first in" or oldest Portals.

    Ingress ingests geodata from our Wayfarer team, and what was once Ingress' Operation Portal Recon is now managed by them. If you have feedback about Wayspot removals and Wayspot edits, please let our Wayfarer team know in their forum here:

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