An open letter to Korean community manager (if there's any)

It's been about 6 years since I started playing Ingress, in South Korea.

I know my playing history is nothing special compared to many senior agents in Japan or Hong Kong, but it IS a long time in the case of South Korea. I do think it means something, as more of than nothing at all, as I undertook more than 8 anomalies both in Korea and in other countries, and me being a PoC for a few of them, including recent on-the-grid anomalies.

So if I may, I really wish to address a matter: where's our community manager for now? And what responsibilities/plans do they have at the moment?

Before 2019, Mr. Haerang **** used to be involved in all Eastern Asia communities, including Japan and Korea. Although he had his own defects, I just cannot miss him more. BECAUSE at the moment we feel like we're abandoned here.

Chatbot's been localized, yes. Anomalies, even though it's like automated, yes several cities in Korea are appointed. Decodings, yes they have several Korean language matters involved in.

But what about their sincerity and users' engagement? Do you even care if there's user community at all or not?

Yesterday we had a very unfortunate and serious incident: a Resistance agent was reported to physically harmed an Enlightened agent, and the matter is under investigation of police authority with many live incident videos took at the scene.

I'm not condemning the agent here; deciding who's in fault of this and how the sanctions should be is what the police should take care of. But as me being one of the last handful "alive" agents, who are actually really handful now partially due to lack of attention from Niantic, not only me being assured such accidents are/and will be closely followed up by at least someone(not an AI) in the company but also me assuring all my fellow agents of such are incredibly important.

I mean it. If not, I just can't recommend anyone to play this game anymore.

So here I really hope, someone who's out there in charge of this country, please show us you take care of us. OR at least, we just really want to know "you" are there for us at least for just talking about community matters.

Because I once really loved this game to the extent I married an agent, and I do wish to continue.

from MikiCaine, South Korea



  • Hi @MikiCaine - Unfortunately, we do not have a Community Manager for regions. The ING team is small and there are a small handful of us who work together to support the community.

    I'm sorry that there was an incident. Were any tickets submitted on this so I can look into it? I will send you a private message here on the forum so that you can message me additional information if you are comfortable doing so. If the situation was NOT reported yet, please do so including any official reports so that we can determine what actions to take.

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