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i was on my wi-fi and i tryed to transfer items in a MUFG capsule and the transfer loaded and never stopped loading. I then restarted the app and when i went to see the items or the capsules, both was gone.

I checked on the ground in case the capsule was dropped, but nothing( before and after the reset of the app, nothing on the ground)

This happened between 18 PM to 18:15 EST ( montreal time ) 26 April 2022

thank you

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  • i logged out and logged back in and the items re-appeared.

    restarted the app dont work but this did work

  • Thanks for the update, @DestinyQc! You may also try refreshing the game data or reinstalling the app if you experience such issues in the future.

    That said, I'm closing this thread. Have a good one! :)

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