Where is my CMU?

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C.O.R.E subscription paid 23april. But guaranteed bonuses not credited YET!!! Today 25.04.

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  • Because of this disgrace, I could not buy medal of earth day

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    You should have posted this in the "Report A Bug" Section and also raise a ticket via the IN APP Helpdesk from your game account as these are the best places for your issue to be seen for billing issues.

  • Report a bug service in app doesn’t work. I see a white screen and nothing happens. Today Subscription bonuses gone, but money Was debited 23.04. I'm just asking you to return my paid subscription, give me a chance to buy a medal

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    Sorry to hear about that, @sailwithme! Please refresh the game data or reinstall the app and try again, you should be able to connect with one of our representatives.

    Thanks for understanding!

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    Im the same as you,just an ex player helping a player so while you disagree with my response im not the one controlling the paid features your not getting im just helping where i can,the "report a bug" response in the app just tells you to come to the forum and post in the appropriate section eg "report a bug" not where you left your post in the "ingress community feedback" section i asked an admin to move your post to be more visible and you now have a response.

    You also have to be a bit smarter with trying to ask a question via the in app support desk as its all done via quickbot responses but dont use the report a bug link/section for billing questions in future as you'll end up going around in a loop and back here but when you find the right method you'll be sent across to a niantic agent that can look into it on the main systems (if there in a pro-active mood)

    They are also the ones that can help with CMU & Badge Purchases.

    Also if you can do a screen capture video to show the white screen crash your experiencing it will help the devs look at the problem further also leave the details of your Device & O/S Version with the video.

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