Didnt get my Levelup

I have now since one week mor AP as i need to get the Levelup from Lvl 8 to lvl9 . Now i have 78500 AP more than needed. But the levelup is not comming. I have tried several time to restart the App and also changed the Devices but nothing helps...

Please help

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Starting from L8 onwards, in addition to AP, you also need to meet medal requirements. For L9, you need at least one Gold and four Silver medals. Taking a peek at your profile, your missing a silver medal. You already have a gold medal as your Recharger is at Platinum, and lower tiers still count towards the requirements.

    Your best bet for the next silver medal is probably the Epoch medal, which is currently at 3. You currently have an active hacksteak of 3, so if you hack a Portal physically (not via drone!) for the next four days, you'll complete a hackstreak, getting your Epoch medal to silver, which will level you up to L9.

    Here are the medal requirements for the levels above 8:

    You can also check your profile where it'll show you the requirements and which criteria you have already reached.

  • dw235dw235 ✭✭

    Hi, maybe you don't have the medals needed to level up?

    After level 8, each level has medals requirements in addition to AP.

    For level 9, you need to have 1 gold medal and 4 silver ones.

    When you get a new medal level for a stat, you also keep the previous level. So, let's say you have the onyx level in recharging (> 25 M XM), you also have a bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals.

    Medals are also kept when recursing at level 16 (you keep a global AP counter but your current AP goes back to 0), or when asking to change faction to Niantic (then you loose all AP but keep the stats and the medals).

  • adidas2011adidas2011 ✭✭
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    Thanx alot that was the reason. I need one more Silber Metall.. :-)

  • @adidas2011 your in the same boat as my account,while i think i have the gold badge and didnt have the right amount of silver badges or vice versa i got up to the point i got forcefully retired by app bugs that my AP was just going over and over the level 8 threshold ready for the Badge Requirement to now i cant complete it until a solution is found.

    I was working really hard to get to level 9 and above as well :-)

    While i love the idea & concept of Ingress the Bugs & Changes really do harm it and the player base.

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