New event suggestion: Shard relay race competitions

KonnTowerKonnTower ✭✭✭✭✭

Concept: In each country, shards are spawned for both factions. Each faction must move their shard to the most number of state capitals or major landmarks within their country within an allotted timeframe. Shards can travel from region to region in any order, but the faction who has had their shard visit the most capital buildings or major landmarks within the country wins. Using state capitals (or whatever is used outside the USA) ensures there are points of heavy contention, while using major landmarks promotes visiting places agents wouldn't normally go.

Perhaps a potential reward would be a virtual visit by NL-1331 to each location obtained, so agents can get some special flair or additional ticks to a medal count. The virtual NL-1331 would follow the path of the winning faction's relay, stopping at each portal on a certain day so anyone who contributed can get the reward.



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