[New Mod Idea] Pre-Charge Mod

Some of us were discussing things that would be worthwhile in the store, and while looking at an Archived thread, I noticed this old idea and thought it'd be worth reviving, now that everyone is enamored with recharging after two years of it.

  • Mod that is applied to a portal.
  • Contains a 'bucket' of XM equal to the maximum energy of the portal
  • Costs 10,000XM to apply (so Level 8+ only)
  • As the portal decays (only 15% decay and Fracker decay, not attacks) the mod's energy is used to refill the portal.
  • When recharging the portal, any excess over the portal's maximum, is put into the Pre-charge Mod's bucket, up to it's own maximum.
  • Only available through CMU purchase in the store.

The idea would be that you could set a portal up to work without recharging, for up to 2 weeks, and that you could over-recharge the portal when you had excess XM and let it drain the bucket when you were low. Add this to more special portals that you want to survive longer between recharges etc.

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