Who Is K?

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"K" is someone who first appeared before the Kureze Effect anomaly series.

At first, many thought that "K" was a nickname of Dr. Victoria Kureze from Osiris Node.

However, agents started to notice that "K" when sending messages through the scanner News, used 2 different images.

One was a cookie, the other a Chihuahua.

That gave some the idea that maybe, "K" could be Victoria Kureze, but from a different node. Or even 2 different Kurezes.

But, at the end of the Kureze Effect series, a hidden message makes clear that K is not Victoria Kureze, but someone who apparently has memories from Dr. Victor Kureze "life ending" from node 1218, and was surprised when found out about Dr. Victoria Kureze form Node Osiris being a female and alive. And also indicates that has taken the decision of becoming part of The Enlightened (it's unsure if this was due a previous neutral alignment, or a Recursion process)

That totally rules out the possiblity that K is Victor, or Victoria Kureze, or even the Nemesis version of Kureze.

So, we still have the question: who is "K"?

After Kythera phase 1, a coded message was shared by that points to one name KLUE

Now some investigators believe we are talking about a known investigator from Node 1218: Klue

However, this Klue from 1218 has gone through a lot: faction changes, hosting ADA, and merging with ADAs Osiris host - Wendy.

We are unsure of what happened to the 1218 Klue after the tessellation ended... Some say "K" is her acting from within some ethereal form inside the XM.

Others have the theory that K may be Klue, but a new Klue from Osiris node, that through the Kureze Effect has gained access to some of the memories of the 1218 Klue

Others theorize that K is 1218 Klue inside Osiris Wendy...

Ant yet other believe that K is not any version Klue, and point to other subjects of interest like Kodomasmiles, Andrew Krug, etc.


Now that Kythera Anomaly has begun, the fate of the Kythera Mechanism is in Ks hands.

K is asking for both factions to help her get the mechanism, or complete it, for using it or destroying depending on the final result of wich faction wins the anomaly.

Why we should help someone we don't know to use/destroy something we don't know what is for?

Share with us, who do you think is K?


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