Second Sunday missions rejections

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Recently i've started to create missions for SS every month. I try to make them thematic.

For example SS at May in many countries is Mother's day.

I created 2 banners 1*6 and 2*6 with almost the same image in 2 different parks to allow more people attend and choose which one they want to collect 6 or 12 missions.

1*6 was accepted in 2-3 days, but 2*6 was rejected with reason:

  • A lack of a clear and informative description and/or title
  • Mission Image, description, and/or title are unrelated to the Waypoints chosen

But its strange because mission 1*6 has title " Shenzhen SS: Mother's Day 1-6 " and description " 2022.05.08: SS and Mother's Day "

but 2*6 has much more detailed information even at 2 languages "Mother's Day at Shenzhen bay park for SS 1-12" and "Walk in Shenzhen bay park area at Second Sunday ang get 12 missions banner for your Mom in your scanner :) 在第二个星期天在深圳湾公园区散步,在您的扫描仪中为您妈妈获取 12 个任务横幅 :) "

What else i can change to help approve it. And why 1*6 for SS is ok, but 2*6 is not?

I haв that problem with few pair 6 and 12 banners already. Mothersday is only example

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  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    I wouldn’t count on the rejections listed as the actual reasons for your rejections. Are any of your waypoints reused from the approved missions? We need more information to help you.

  • @ZeroHecksGiven i never lived in places without missions, if there are enough portals for them. Missions for SS usually setup at parks. So there are a lot of missions/banners there. But its not problem for 1*6 SS banners. To upload them to bannergress i moved map few time to see new missions, because there a lot o them in that region. But for 2*6 it doesn't work so easy.

    Kythera 3*6 banner was approved fast too in park with a lot of missions too. So to many missions at this area couldn't be explanantion.

    But i try to start new missions at portals which a not starting portals for existing missions.

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