Jacksonville (FL), US (2022 April 24): Mission Day and OCF Information

This thread is for discussing the Jacksonville (FL), US Mission Day and OCF on 24 April 2022. For more information, see the event page at https://jaxmdocf.splashthat.com/



  • REALLY looking forward to this in-person event ...FINALLY!!

    Sounds like it going to be lots of fun planned the entire weekend.

    Too excited to sleep....💚

    #MDJAX2022 #OCFJAX2022

  • I'm glad agents will finally be able to get together again for an event. Unfortunately, it won't have everything that players ask for, but small steps. :)

  • What is OCR (Operation Clear Field)? How fit do you need to be? Is it just picking up trash? Is it removing fields from around Jacksonville so people can play at Mission Day? Is it on Sunday? How much time does it take away from doing missions? Or is it quick like a van visit?

  • Can't wait to see everyone in J-ville!

  • I'm so excited I miss the social interaction with people I can't wait to see people I know and meet new people coming

  • They haven't given us the specifics yet. It will be a light version of the regular one. A scavenger hunt with acts of service. It should be for people of all abilities though 😀

  • edited April 2022

    From https://jaxmdocf.splashthat.com/

    Sunday, 11:30 am - 1 pm : Operation Clear Field (OCF)

    Registration is required

    Operation Clear Field is a low intensity, high tempo Ingress-themed Scavenger Hunt with a meaningful and impactful community service element. Focus will be on completing competitive tasks through city exploration while creating a unique opportunity for community service.

    The Jacksonville OCF is free of charge and a more relaxed version of OCF as we ramp up bringing OCF back to the community.

    Registration is required to earn the OCF in-game medal.

    Teams will be created ON-SITE by the GORUCK Cadre.


    How it works

    You and your team receive a Hit List from an on-the-ground GORUCK Cadre. Your team then explores the best spots around - Ingressing and Tweeting as you go. The list could include Ingress Portals, local points of interest, bars, restaurants, puppies, public art, other teams, and much more, including quick impact service actions -- the more creative, the better!


    How to win

    For this condensed OCF, there will be no winner - except Mother Earth! All teams who participate and earn the stated minimum will receive the official Ingress in-game medal, and everyone who shows up makes a difference in the local community. Come ready, Agents!

  • I am going to try to make this, it will be my first. Going to call ReserveDeputy tomorrow and see if he wants to ride down together. Not sure if we can make it but sounds fun.

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