Kythera - Phase 1 - Interim Report

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Phase 1 of Kythera is still on-going; interim results as of 18 April 0100 UTC are as follows:

Agent-deployed Battle Beacon:

  • Point Values: ENL 181,227 vs 195,932 RES
  • Projected score: ENL 125 vs 135 RES

NIA-deployed Rare Battle Beacon:

  • Point Values: ENL 43,522 vs 41,525 RES
  • Projected score: ENL 699 vs 588 RES
  • Result Map

Share your investigation progress by sharing photos, videos, footage, and situation reports with the NIA and other XM Sensitives on social media with hashtags #Ingress #Kythera or the Ingress Community Forum for research archives.

Stay tuned for further updates on Phase 1 of Kythera.

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress (such as wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet/two meters of distance from other people). For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check COMM > NEWS.

— The Ingress Team

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