Can't submit photos on portals

Ingress just closes everytime I want to send a photo in for a portal. I've tried to reinstall, restart my phone, disable any energy saving settings on my phone, ingress always crashes. I got one photo through after the first reinstall, but not after the second. And the second photo after the first reinstall also didn't go through.

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  • I had this problem with my Xiaomi. I found the solution here:

    I had to do it with the security app. the app is named in the language of the phone, in my case "sicherheit" in german. it worked and i'm happy to be able to submit photos again :)

    i can't post links sadly, but i copy what i found:

    we will have to enter the native Security application, which is pre-installed in all Xiaomi terminals.

    Once we are inside, we will have to follow a series of steps:

    • When we are there, we will have to click on the option called Speed increase .
    • Then, click on the gear-shaped icon that will appear at the top right of your mobile phone screen.
    • Find the option Block applications and enter it .

    When we have completed these small steps, we will find all the apps that we have installed at this moment in our terminal of the Chinese firm. Therefore, from here we will have to press the switch of all that software on the phone that we never want to close, not even when we enable the energy-saving mode.

    Finally, you will have to check from the multitasking of your smartphone if a closed padlock has appeared in those apps. If so, it means that you have managed to ensure that they will never close on their own when they are in the background . In case the lock in question does not appear, we recommend not enabling the energy saving mode on your Xiaomi every time you want to keep an application open at all times when it is in the background or activate the Unrestricted option.

  • Like the original post. I could take first photo save it for later upload. Take another photo as soon as i click ok, Ingess just cracked, closes completely no warning. Open I Ingress and its like ive not been in today. Did this two times same way. Using Android Galaxy s21 fe 5g

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