New feature suggestion: Beer you out there! (use PoGo raid-pass technology)

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Given the inability for many locations to field 8 agents these days, I wanted to suggest the raid pass mechanic from Pokemon gets brought into Ingress.

Concept: Meetup boost

Once per week, each agent receives a boost item called a meetup boost. Meetup boosts don't accumulate/stack indefinitely, it's a use it or lose it situation.

If 4 agents activate their weekly meetup boost together in close proximity (all must have the app open at the same time for this to activate), the meetup boost is consumed from the four players' inventory. For a short amount of time, on a limited number of portal(s), these agents can double-deploy resonators to build up to level 8.

The thought here is that gathering 4 agents from a logistical standpoint (4 people to a car, 4 people to a table at a bar/restaurant, etc) is easily done. We should encourage agents to actually meet up and interact. I would love to meet fellow agents once a week at a brewery and get some farming in.

We limit the ability to spawn endless level 8 farms by limiting distribution of the boosts over a time period (i suggest 1 per week, replenishing 7 days after your last use), plus requiring they all be physically there at the same time and logged in. No being able to logout/login to a different account, then apply it on alt/backpacks. Four phones, all logged in, all requesting a meetup boost.

Open to suggestions, this would require some care to make sure it's balanced properly.

Beer (meet) you out there agents!


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    As much as this has merits for making P8s, it would become a paid service immediately, because Niantic is in the business of making money, no matter how much Ingress players try to pretend otherwise. Meaning you'd be paying for double deploys.

    If this is really an issue, just give us double R8 deploys, something I suggested even long before COVID hit and we lost even more players.

    Four phones, all logged in, all requesting a meetup boost.

    Also, to be clear, I have nearly a dozen phones capable of running Prime in a drawer at home, mostly previous main phones, or cheap hotspots for alternate networks. This is not a limitation if someone chooses to have multiple accounts.

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    Comment from an old school ingress player.

    As many games, the first problem you need to think is a concept called "game balancing"

    Your Idea could be usefull for pogo players Indeed, but in ingress, it's clearly an Idea that will unbalance the game. Often, there's players who break the rule and have several accounts. With this, it's too easy to reach portal Level 8, which is very interesting to have gear

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    Thanks, there are indeed some tools suggested to combat this I mentioned. 👍

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