[Feature Request] Mini Cube Interface

edited April 2022 in General

With the introduction of the Kinetic Capsule, a new cube interface was added to allow people to regain XM on the Kinetic Capsule screen.

This feature was a great addition, to not require people to leave the KC screen when preparing a program. However, the issue of running out of XM in key moments still exists in other places. Ones that come to mind immediately are:

  • Main Portal View - When on low XM and trying to hack. Currently the process is to open the Deploy/Mod/Recharge (if possible) views, add XM, then return to the main Portal screen.
  • Link View - When linking, running out of XM requires you to quit the linking screen, then open Deploy/Mod/Recharge, get more XM, return to the main Portal screen then return to the linking screen.

I'm sure other people can suggest places where this would also be useful.


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