April 2022 Second Sunday

April 2022 Second Sunday was the third for the new Second Sunday Medal. Although our informal event was UK-based it was wonderful to see participants from further afield, including Italy, America and Singapore.

47 participants registered, with the wonderful bot from DhrMekmek collecting stats and selfies for us. 

Talking of Stats

25 RES, 22 ENL agents (total 47)

6.4M RES AP Gain, 6.5M ENL AP Gain (12.9M total)

11.7M RES Recharge, 19.5M ENL Recharge (31.1M total)

285km RES walked, 294km ENL walked (579km total)

339 RES unique missions, 361 ENL unique missions (an amazing 700 total)

The weather was kinder to us this month. Lots of fun was had!

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