Wrong email shown in Intel Map


Since I started to play Ingress (2019) I realized that in Intel Map there's a different email shown which actually belongs to me and never paid attention to it, until now.

The actual email that is linked to my Ingress Account is not shown there, it's actually shown in this profile forum, in the wayfarer page, but never for Intel Map.

The wrong email belongs to me, but it's not related to Ingress at all and I don't use it anymore, that's why I'm opening this report.

I'm not sure if it's due to my previous "Pokemon Trainer Account" which had the wrong email (I changed it for the one that is linked to my ingress account), so there shouldn't be more problem. The same email for anything related to Niantic, that's what I mean.

So I don't know what could be the problem in this case.

Thanks for your attention.

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