Allowing Links Shorter than 500m Under Fields

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Dear Agents,

NIA Researchers were right! Comic Sans made a lasting change to the Scanner app.

Over the past year, Niantic has tested the impact of allowing Links under Fields collecting feedback from past Matryoshka events and reviewing feedback from Agents across our communication channels.

To help introduce new Agents to the world of Ingress, in addition to enabling more opportunities for play for all Agents, creating Links shorter than 500m in length under Fields will continue. All other preconditions still apply; for example Links cannot cross existing Links, a Portal must be upgraded to L2+ to create a Link longer than 160m.

Please note that we investigated Links created under Fields not recording Mind Units (MU) captured; however, this was not a straightforward technical solution. Limiting Link distance was the simpler path forward, and these smaller Fields will count MU towards the Regional Score.

We will continue to review metrics and player feedback as we adjust and update Ingress to be a fun and sustainable game in Year 10 and beyond.

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