[x-post] Niantic is Making Location Edits to Improve Map Quality

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Hi everyone -

I'm cross-posting this from the WF community because I know how important the gameboard is to us.


Hello Explorers! 

We wanted to let you know that we are embarking on a project to improve the location accuracy of up to 15K Wayspots in total, between several major cities. These Wayspots will typically be smaller objects and discrete places such as statues, sculptures, signage, murals, and entrance locations to help improve existing and future gameplay experiences that rely on good location accuracy. This will help improve future AR game experiences at these locations across Niantic games. 

Location edits are expected to be 20 meters or less. Once we modify the locations, they will be locked from being player-edited until further notice. Other types of edits and reports will still be possible via Pokémon GO or Ingress.

The work is expected to begin the first week of April through to early May across the following cities:

- New York City, London UK, and Tokyo - Early April 2022

- London UK, San Francisco, and Seattle - Late April 2022

- Los Angeles and select smaller US cities - Early May 2022

The order of the cities is subject to change, but we’ll let you know if/when that happens.

Expected Impact

- Neighborhoods with a healthy density of Wayspots may see a modification or removal of a PokéStop or Gym. This is a normal rebalancing of the gameboard as Wayspots shift to more accurate locations. 

- Portal links and fields in Ingress may drop. 

- It is difficult at this time to specify how exactly the gameboards will rebalance since your submitted location edits are also being processed simultaneously. The world is constantly changing and so too is our map! 

- If you’ve submitted a location edit that was similar to the Niantic location edit it will be auto-rejected once we correct the location and lock it. We cannot return the submission quota used at the time of submission, but you can easily accrue more location edit quota the next day. Your Wayfarer rating will not be impacted by the rejection. These also don’t impact your Upgrade earnings.


If you feel you are experiencing any issues in the game during this period as the gameboards rebalance, please utilize existing support channels to reach us. We will let you know when the work commences and ends!

Check out the discussion here!

Thank you & Safe Exploring!

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