Drone placed on portal to hack and error message saying inaccurate location or not in range when hac

My drone is placed in a town on blue portals. When i go to hack i get error message of portal not in range or inaccurate location. I then back out of dronenet and go back in. My drone appears in another town over 25km away. This has been going on for months and is very annoying. It takes 2 attempys everyyime to just get a hack in. HELP! Im using a Samsung Note20 5g. The ingress app version 2.90.1

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  • I have exactly the same issue. We both have 2 drones. Both are counting for Maverick but only one of them are counting uniques. I took a ticket and explained the issue but nothing has happened. This bug is really irritating och is possible to fix. I read in another thread that @NianticThia fixed this one. Would be appreciated if someone could make this issue dissapear

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