Impossible to report invalid portals because of sensitive place

In your guidelines you list sensitive places (explicitly naming tombstones and cemeteries) as inappropriate for portals.

The translation from Italian reads: "Sensitive places such as tombstones (not associated with important / historical characters) and cemeteries".

Where I am playing (Northern Italy) there are plenty of portals that reference Cemeteries, that besides being sensitive places to see someone playing around... are also quite spooky to visit at night.

How can I correctly report them as there is no specific option?

Attached the APP screenshot with the available options and the Wayfarer rejection criteria naming cemeteries.

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2022

    Rejection criteria ≠ Removal criteria

    Those Wayspots should not be accepted, but once they are, they are only removed if they meet the Removal criteria. Those criteria are those that are shown in the scanner.

    In addition, this question might be better suited for the Wayfarer forums

  • The way i see it is if people are respectful in a graveyard either at night or during the day then there is no harm in having portals there are a couple of church grounds and graves i visit as i head out shopping from time to time and they are part of some local ingress missions also my first ever mission made me read a particular grave plaque at the end for a keyword but in turn it gave me a little bit of history of the area i live that i didnt know.

    So dont be a spoilsport too much for wanting to take down portals because you dont agree with it (even if the guidelines dont fully allow it)

    If i had the ability to report any portals then it would be missing portals or a particular non historical referenced person is different such as "jo bloggs gravestone" compared to "this man built this building so he's important to the town" portal.

  • JeroenixJeroenix ✭✭✭

    @RobMcZag If the caretakers of the cemetery grounds agree with you, you might use the following form to have it taken down:

    Results may vary, as the only reason you can give is "it's on private property" and most cemeteries are public, owned by authorities (the caretakers will know whom you'll have to get a written statement from). The Wayfarer forums might have more information on the matter.

  • Thank you for the answers.

    I do not really agree with the idea that "Those Wayspots should not be accepted, but once they are, they are only removed if they meet the Removal criteria. Those criteria are those that are shown in the scanner."

    1. it is really a nonsense that because something got wrongly in, then should stay in.
    2. I was/am not aware of an official difference by design (and not by accident / bug). @InvestigateXM the "Rejection criteria ≠ Removal criteria" rule that you cite is official from Niantics or inferred by how the scanner is?

    Because of point #2 I think that this is a meaningful bug report if the missing criteria are not missing by design. If it is so by design, then it's not a bug. ;)

  • Hi @PhantomR1982 here in Italy we have so many Church and crosses and saint statues and all the like. They are part of the heritage and there is no risk anyone being looked at strangely in these places.

    Cemeteries are not like churches, they are places where there is a deeper respect for the dead and the sentiments of people who just lost someone. I am not a specially devout person, and that goes beyond religion. They are much more emotional places, specially in small villages, and in periods when so many deaths happened from COVID.

    I suppose there is a reason why they are called out by name in the rules.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2022

    Believe me, the vast majority of people, myself included, do not agree with that, but as seen thousands of times on the Wayfarer forum, Niantic only removes stuff that falls under the Removal Criteria. There is no official source, however when appealing a rejected removal request, Niantic has only removed the POIs that fall under the criteria shown in the scanner, plus if it's a fake.

    Once again however, I believe this discussions is better suited for the Wayfarer Forum, as the Ingress team isn't handling the removal or editing of the portals anymore.

  • If you are sure that a portal doesn't meet the criteria even when it was accepted, you can appeal for a removal in

    you can explain in a better way why it should be removed from the game.

    For future appeals about nominations, portals, submissions, etc., use the same web site instead of this forum, since wayfarer is for POIs in Niantic Games, not only Ingress.

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