Unofficial Kureze Effect Aftershow Party

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Let music accompany you for several hours. Whether you're playing Ingress or sitting on the sofa, maybe throw a little party.

This stream will be live and cross-faction, please follow the usual rules of etiquette in chat.

🕘 26.03.2022 - 15:00 UTC (03:00 PM UTC)

Planned so far is a 6 hour livestream with music and chat. Other artists are welcome to contribute their music. To do so, please sign up here in the discussion.

Current contributions

  • 1 hour Retro 90's (MashUp´s)
  • 2 hours Club Mix of Popular Songs 2022
  • 1 hour UMBRA Dresden Remastered
  • 40 minutes EDM meets Metal
  • 40 minutes Dubsteb meets Metal
  • 50 minutes Club Sounds
  • Some minutes Fight For Your Right to Party

The livestream can be found here

Have fun and we hope you like it.


(Available 48 hours after stream)



Adding "MashUp's" to Retro 90's Mix

Added download section

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