Introducing Niantic Social: Now Available to All Ingress Agents


We’re excited to announce that Niantic Social is now available to all Agents! We thank everyone for your feedback over the last six months as we prepared to roll this feature out to the global Ingress Agent community.

With the ongoing Kureze Effect Anomaly series, First Saturdays, and Second Sundays, we’re excited to see all of the different ways that you use Niantic Social to organize meetups using events, coordinate ops with location sharing, chat with other Agents, and strengthen the incredible Ingress community that you all continue to build. 

We encourage you to keep the feedback coming; we have a ton of features and plans in the works to help new recruits connect with local Agents, and they’ll be most meaningful if we can build them with you. 


What is Niantic Social?

Niantic Social is an optional feature that enables you to communicate and coordinate real-world gameplay, manage your Niantic Profile and Niantic Friends list, and discover communities around you, all from directly within Ingress.

Please leave any thoughts, questions, or comments in this thread or this section of the forum. For more information around features, privacy settings, and moderation, please refer to our resources here


The Ingress and Niantic Social Teams

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