Field Art - Brest (France) - "Evit ar peoc'h" = "For Peace", "Pour la paix"

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Understand "Evit ar peoc'h" and pronounce "Evid ar peor" , in Breton our local language and means "For peace", "Pour la paix".

In support of Ukraine and terrible situation at the moment, both factions of Brest in Fench Brittany decided to illuminate the map with Picasso dove and a clover, symbols of peace and luck...

Thanks all agents involved. @arzhig and @Maligorn for the plan and coordination, @arzhig, @gwenn29 and @Serenawarda for farming keys, @gwenn29, @dydyboi, @marjovic, @C4S1, @arzhig and @Maligorn for cross faction OPS the march 23, 2022.

At the start of this story there is a bad news... war in Ukraine.

We discussed together and concluded that with Ingress, a game of opposition between two factions, we could show that opponents can agree with a common project. Just be respectful to each other. In our playing area there have been tensions between players, but Ingress is only a game and setting up beautiful projects between RES and ENL is a symbol of peace that makes sense.

After drawing the plan, inspired by the dove of Picasso and a clover, we organized ourselves to define an area which is suitable for both factions. We delimited and cleaned it. It was necessary to manage internal communication to avoid ending up with new cleaning to do before rolling out the plan. Players have heeded this call for an innovative project, never done between our factions in Brest.

We rolled out our plan together on Sunday, March 20, 2022

with three agents of each faction. We met up before and after and had good time together, despite our color difference.

Total time was around 5h to complete initial plan. Some mistakes required readjusting in real time but nothing impossible... 2 ADA and 1 JARVIS.

It was a great and nice day for us and we hope that all positive waves acquired on this project will support our friends from Ukraine.

Regarding technical aspect this plan involves:

- Area 2.7km x 2.4km

- About 150 portals cleaned

- 137 portals deployed (64 RES and 73 ENL)

- 260 links (118 RES and 142 ENL)

- 128 fields created (57 RES and 71 ENL)

- Some MU... but it was not the main motivation

Enjoy to see result here:,-4.473885

We want to conclude with a peace message and hope security ASAP for all innocent people who find themselves in the middle of a war all around the world. 

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    Very Esthetik i love!

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