Niagara Falls Kythera Anomaly application

Hello folks,

Looking for a little insight and interest and feedback.

The X-faction community in the western New York area (Buffalo/ Niagara Falls) are looking to put an application in for the June Kythera Anomaly.

In the past we've hosted mission days that were well attended and that was pre pandemic where the borders were open and travel wasn't restricted. 

Now that travel is restricted and it is difficult to cross the border, we thought of submitting an application that straddles the border in Niagara Falls. That way agents can participate from both Canada and the United States without having to cross the border. 

There are 2 international border crossings in the playbox area... One for Nexus only and one for anyone (rainbow bridge) there also is the Lewiston- Queenston Bridge a short drive away.

The cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Jamestown, St. Catherine's, Burlingtion, Hamilton, and Toronto are only approx. a 90 minute drive away. 

The Greater Niagara Falls area on both side of the border provide ample parking spaces and hotel accommodations. Both of the cities draw millions of visitors each year and have plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues. Not mention the miles of trails that are along the scenic Niagara gorge.

We are thinking that with some buy in from our local Canadian agents it will help strengthen the application. That way we can have points of contact on either side of the border. We are actively conversing with some who are possibly interested

We would love to hear any thoughts good or bad. Before we submit the application.


  • That's a great idea! I'm hoping something nearby gets picked!

  • Great idea, Crazy! Too bad all the agents I know are stateside. If I have time, I can look for intel on the province side.

  • On the Ontario side and think it's a great idea! Hopefully we can rally the ENL around the area to come out. I know the Buffalo Mission Days were always a hit!

  • Toronto RES agent here. I'd be interested in attending this. Any month except September 🙂

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would be very tempted to make the 6 hour drive. I think it's an awesome idea.

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