Tiny church not accepted

This is the third time I ask for a portal about the small church in my neighborhood.

But it is continually rejected. Why?

Location: Piccola Chiesa Torre Caracciolo - Unnamed Road,76012, 76012 Canosa di Puglia BT - 41.210805, 16.080285


  • Can it be seen on Google maps? Can someone Google the name of the church (or the address) and find a website for it somewhere on the internet? I always look churches up on Google maps and use a search engine to confirm that they exist and are in the correct location before voting on the location. Multiple times I have been unable to find the church building on Google maps and when I Google it I discover that it is actually one or more blocks away and has been submitted in the wrong location. Consulting Google maps and zooming in on the correct location leads to seeing the building that was submitted in the picture on that spot. On at least one occasion when I zoomed in on the map, the location where it was submitted is actually a private residence (shock and surprise). I am not suggesting the agent submitting intentionally falsified the location, but now I am particularly suspicious when I can't locate it anywhere on the web.

    Maybe try adding a street view?

  • GigiGxGigiGx ✭✭

    It's visibile on GMaps (Pin with the name) and on StreetView. :(

  • OGMagusOGMagus ✭✭✭

    More often than not, when I see an actual submission visually, I'm able to relay my first impression right away. Hopefully, this forum lets you post images soon!

  • on the coordinates provided i see a building with a cross. it's not clear to reviewers that it is a church. If there is a sign i would submit that

  • @thegame1745 the vast majority of churches in Europe don't have signs the way they do in the US, but there should at least a plaque with the name or a sign with opening hours and service times.

    @GigiGx That said, to me this looks like a cross on the side of an apartment building. The Google pin for it is slightly misplaced. An Internet search for the name turns up no mentions (though that could be down to poor translation of the search results) and no website. With nothing more to go on, I would one star this and I'm not entirely convinced that the Google location isn't a fake (location is off, zero reviews, zero photos and the name doesn't follow the naming conventions for churches)

    I'm not surprised this isn't going through. You really need to show more evidence of a church at this location.

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭

    The problem with this church is yeah its shown in gmaps but in the picture only a cross is in the wall of an apartment, usually google maps show review of the place too if you click on it and this church dont have any kind of review or info about it, so might be that

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