Suggestion for Events and Badges

This was my first year serving as a POC for an event and I have now done multiple FS, a MD and a NL-1331 event for the local area. Missing badges have been the largest problem for all three types of events. It seems most of the badging for these events is a fairly manual process. There are multiple data entry points where errors can be introduced to the system.

My suggestion is to create an events app for POCs. This app would have a check-in/out function that would scan a QR code produced by the Prime app. This would eliminate the issues around using IGNs as the unique key since Niantic could make the QR code linked to an internal GUID without POCs or players needing to know them. At this point the app can ask the POC to validate any requirements and put it all together for Niantic's staff to push the badges.

Another suggestion to help with the aftermath of large swarms of events is to send an e-mail for each badge tick that says which event the badge push was for, even if the agent has the e-mail notification turned off in game.


  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    That last part, an email for each badge tick as it's being pushed, would be great. With multiple events not getting their badges pushed til far after the event, the agents have no idea which event didn't push the tick or count. Which just leads to mass confusion and even more work for our POC's.

  • I talked to a NIA employee at the last Anomaly and NL-1313 event. The badges for NL-1313 are pushed manually, there’s no automation, or a Chron job, which means an employee in their offices is individually approving. From what I gathered this is a resource issue. At this point, I figure a badge shows up, within 2 weeks after an event This last Anomaly series, the badges were pushed within a week.

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