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Hi All,

Tanogrus, ENL here of Maine. Waiting still to have my Victoria Kureze character badge get applied to my profile, since my customer support ingame chat, hasn't been exactly working unfortunately on my end. I submitted screenshots, of 'Error loading profile' and they've said they've applied it to my profile, yet when I can open my profile, it's not there. This was on the market at one point, I'm hoping that this can be fixed shortly? I paid for this with money, so I was hoping it would be instant, but I'm hearing there were issues with this badge?

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  • Hi @Tanogrus - I see that support has responded to your ticket already but when I look at your profile, I see the Victoria medal on it. It is between Avenir Shard Challenge, Martin Schubert, VICTORIA, Stein Lightman, Myriad Hack Challenge. If you need further assistance, please reply to the support ticket and they will be able to help you.

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