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Firstly, thank you so much for joining and participating in the Ingress Community. We on the Ingress team have been blown away by your reception to the community. With that, we wanted to provide you with an update on the status of the community platform itself, including the things that we’re working on to improve your experience.

Features Currently in Development

As we mentioned when we first launched, we’re bringing a number of planned improvements to the community to help improve your experience. Here’s a brief summary of these changes:

  • Game information: Beyond just your Ingress Codename, we’re working on the ability to automatically transfer your Faction and Level from Ingress into the community and are discussing the benefits and drawbacks of displaying these automatically in your community profile.
  • Improved navigation: The current interface design is purposely very basic. We have a uniquely Ingress design, that is also much easier to navigate, that we’ll be introducing in the coming weeks.

Changes and Updates Based on Your Feedback

This community is a platform that we’ve built for you and we consider your feedback critical to its success. Here are some of the changes that we’ve either already implemented or that we’re working on that are based on your feedback:

  • Improved navigation: We’ve added additional navigation to the Announcements category and the Events, Portal Appeals and Ingress Insights subcategories
  • Revised moderation guidelines: Our initial set of moderation guidelines were intended to prevent abuse and spam but it quickly became clear that they were a bit too strict. We’ve revised them to find a happier medium between safety and speed of posts.
  • Return of AMAs: We know that @redsolocup’s AMAs were a highlight of Google+ and we’re bringing them back in the community! We’ll be tweaking this process to best suit the new platform and make it easier to navigate and read.

Again, thanks so much for your active participation in the community and for being such valued members of the Ingress family. Please continue to share your feedback and requests with us so we can continue to improve this platform to suit your needs.

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