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    Except that even if nobody from the community interacts with it during the anomaly window, the faction that owns the portal from a capture prior to the event will score Category 1 victories at each measurement.

  • Hello, I am writing to complain about Niantic portal selection criteria.

    In Spain, there are a few portals ornamented at Córdoba, Granada, a small town named "Rociana del condado" at Huelva province, but this time nothing in Seville, although we had a pair of portals at phase 2.

    Smaller cities like Badajoz and Mérida get a bunch of portals for phase 3 and the capital of Andalucía gets nothing. Very nice.

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    Phase 3 will now also include key ITO EN and SoftBank Portals.

    Do you mean that key ITo EN and SB portals will be also ornamented when included in phase 3?

    If all of those portals used on 27 February will be used on 19 March, it will break global balance (it means that there will be nearly 9,000 portals only in japan, which is comparable to ca 10,000 portals all over the world during phase 2. I would like to believe that it will not happen.

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  • Vestal, NY ornaments have all populated inside a cemetery... I know the name is Vestal Hills Memorial PARK, but it's a cemetery filled with the remains of soldiers. Not an appropriate location for competitive gaming. I don't have a local resistance agent to support a request for change, but I couldn't let it pass without highlighting this situation.


  • Everything is accessible. Not everything is LEGALLY and SAFELY accessible.

  • Niantic, PLEASE pay attention to your community contacts.

    Most sites, according to community organisers, have more active Kureze portals now, than they have players interested in taking part. Some locations have 3-4 portals for each player. This is going to be a ridiculous event if you don't stop adding more portals. There are already more than the event can support.

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    yes in my city alone its too many portals then actually players will show up on my team atleast.. so idk most got the badge in phase 2.... huge playbox and tons of ornaments so far... its stressful just lookin at all portals so far.. i think many will be burned out after this last phase and then same formula next upcoming 3 months..

  • Russia and Belarus have been banned by Niantic. Totally. No more gameplay. Bye-bye streaks.

    I think Niantic is punishing the wrong people. It's not the Russian people that attacked Ukraine. It's the Russian government. The same government that suppresses it's own population.

  • It’s even worse than that. Portals lit up after the event has finished and agents gone home.

  • Marvellous. Well, we'll have people hanging around for drinks after at at least this won't be too much of a problem. Oi. What a mess.

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    "Final wave" now EIGHTY THREE MINUTES after the originally scheduled end time. Seriously?

  • I've seen no videogame that messes up events like Niantic does.

    I don't want to get into arguments about who is worse, but I know Blizzard has made some colossal **** ups before, as has the studio behind New World.

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    Yeah the final wave lit when we were across town celebrating at pub. We got most of them through luck of them being blue but enl flipped one and scored it.

    Not happy.

    That final lot should not be counted for score. And no we don't have DST here.

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    Could be worse you could have been playing World of Warcraft. I hear the company that makes that game are worse than Niantic.

  • Hi, I have a question. The battle beacons I deployed almost 16 beacons and I interacted in those portals but only 8 counted, why?

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    did u deploy resonators / destroy res/mods atleast ? just hacking and deploy isnt count.

  • Que procede luego de ganar no entiendo Time Span Agent Name Agent Faction Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Time (hh:mm:ss) Level Lifetime AP Current AP Unique Portals Visited Unique Portals Drone Visited Furthest Drone Distance Portals Discovered XM Collected OPR Agreements Portal Scans Uploaded Uniques Scout Controlled Resonators Deployed Links Created Control Fields Created Mind Units Captured Longest Link Ever Created Largest Control Field XM Recharged Portals Captured Unique Portals Captured Mods Deployed Hacks Drone Hacks Glyph Hack Points Completed Hackstreaks Longest Sojourner Streak Resonators Destroyed Portals Neutralized Enemy Links Destroyed Enemy Fields Destroyed Battle Beacon Combatant Max Time Portal Held Max Time Link Maintained Max Link Length x Days Max Time Field Held Largest Field MUs x Days Forced Drone Recalls Distance Walked Kinetic Capsules Completed Unique Missions Completed Mission Day(s) Attended NL-1331 Meetup(s) Attended First Saturday Events Kureze Effect

    ALL TIME Jholyn24 Resistance 2022-03-20 13:04:45 14 21860750 21860750 820 61 0 25 52353272 900 86 49 27365 6611 4261 458240 127 19253 26843946 3396 451 2387 9475 334 23889 18 82 18260 2399 4102 2497 2 202 111 2481 92 82920 10 846 40 41 2 2 7 2

  • Do I have to register somewhere to win the event medal and proceed to deploy beacons or how does this work

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    You need to interact with 10 battle beacons, you dont need to apply anywhere

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    Yes sadly, in phase 2 i saw 10-12 Enl agents gather and play it themselves away a few kilometers from the ornaments just to not give away any points to the other team which i can understand but then the whole "battle" falls flat then ?.. there isnt any battle... so i dont know really... maybe for the other upcoming they will change things a bit..

  • Tengo el mismo problema y otro agentes más que el contador del evento no sube pese haber despegado más bb aún no logran medalla

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