How do I report a bad/invalid portal?

Hi fellow agents.

I have been searching the Internet for info, how to report an invalid portal. The only thing I can find is "click on the photo of the portal", but that does not work.

How do I do it?

And how do I find all that portal info with coordinates and stuff that I see people post here for portals?


Sorry for the noob question, I just started playing the game.


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    You must use [Redacted] to report an invalid portal. At present, you are not able to report a portal using Prime. Ninatic will only remove portals if they did not or no longer exist, at the request of the property owner (after verification), or it meets any of the take down criteria listed in the "Don't Submit" section of the portal criteria or the "Ineligible Nominations" of "What Makes a High-Quality Portal?"

    Only after you get a rejection may you make an appeal here. Without a rejection, any appeal will be closed as invalid.

  • From "Scanner [REDACTED]":

    1. Find a portal key for the portal you want to report.
    2. Tap through to the portal photo. Hit the "EDIT" button on the lower left.
    3. Lowest option there is "REPORT INVALID PORTAL".

    That sends a report to Niantic. You should get an email confirmation for "Invalid Ingress Portal Report", and eventually you will hear about their decision.

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