Portals that were moved by Niantic during the Lightship transition do not appear on Intel map

Several months back I requested that Niantic move a misplaced portal. When it moved, it disappeared from the Intel map but remained in game. Later I noticed that if i created a link to or from this portal it would appear on the map but in a half loaded state and would not fully load until I selected it. I have seen reports on discord of a few other occurrences of this bug and all the reports focus on portals moved by Niantic during the transition period to the Lightship DB.

First image shows the game map before link is created. The portal in question is just to the right of the avatar.

Second image shows IITC focused on the same location. The missing portal should be very near the center of the image.

Third image shows link just after it was created between the missing portal and a nearby portal just to the south.

Fourth image shows intel again after the link is created. Note that the missing portal now appears but with a different outline on the circle. This indicates that IITC does not have the full data for this portal. Once that portal is selected, the data will be loaded and the circle will have the standard outline.

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