Field Decay based on Epoch activity



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    Other ideas...

    Larger fields should decay faster. (Larger may mean "more MU", "more area", "more portals underneath", ... take your pick)

    If the opposing team captures a portal under a field, it weakens the field.

    New ẁꬲӑⲣoň that can damage fields if you're under them.

    New ẁꬲӑⲣoň that can damage links you are near.

  • I don't think people are following @dstryker's idea, that all fields will fall in one to seven days, when the creator completes an Epoch streak, and at midnight their Epoch resets to zero.

    I guess it would add to strategy - If I want to throw fields on Saturday, I don't hack anything on Friday. Then on Saturday my Epoch streak is at 1, and I throw fields. On the following Friday, I do my 7th day's hack - and at midnight my Epoch Streak goes to zero, and all my fields fall.

    But what if someone forgot to refrain from hacking the day before they made fields? Or they just throw fields for the joy of it, and don't want to track another stat (that isn't even related to fielding)? If they create fields on day 7 of a streak, then at midnight all their fields fall, they would be MAD!

    I think it's a horrible idea.

    I like ideas like these better:

    Maybe every checkpoint, the leading faction's portals decay an extra 5%. In addition to the roughly 15% they decay every day.


  • @MargariteDVille

    that all fields will fall in one to seven days, when the creator completes an Epoch streak, and at midnight their Epoch resets to zero.

    I don't think that's what they're saying at all, because maintaining an epoch streak doesn't go back to zero, unless you actually skip a day. It goes from 7 to 1 when you hack on the first day of a new streak.

    So the fields would only stay up while the person is hacking every day, and would fall when they fail to hack on a day.

  • GorillaSapiensGorillaSapiens ✭✭✭✭✭

    Would not solve problem. People driven enough to spend hours and hike/drive/kayak/whatever to bag unicorns and throw BAFs will certainly be motivated to do a simple hack on the daily to keep their work alive.

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    edited March 2022

    I’m not exactly following this because I don’t think you’re interpreting what I said correctly, so let me clarify a bit.

    My original suggestion was that as long as you maintain an active Epoch streak, your fields degrade at the standard rate. If you break your epoch streak/miss a day, your fields will degrade at an exponential rate after 7 days.

    Thus, if you complete an epoch streak (ie 7days in a row/the counter increases by 1), you are maintaining your streak. After the 7th day, the Epoch counter does not reset to zero, the day counter does. None of your fields would fall. However, if you did miss a day, the progress towards this streak does reset. Your fields would degrade normally for a week and then exponentially after 7 days.

    edit: exactly, @Perringaiden

  • But what problem do you think I’m trying to address?

    My premise is that I believe that a non-active player should not be able to prevent an active player from fully playing the game.

    Specifically my suggestion addresses fields, of any size, put up by non-active players as defined by an active Epoch streak. I do not believe that every field currently up has been thrown by players who maintain an active Epoch streak. In some cases, these fields may be BAFs. I’m not trying to prevent BAFs.

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