Matryoshka in NR04-DELTA-05

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I am not a direct participant of this situation, just an outside observer. I'd like to share with you an operation that took place in NR04-DELTA-05 and resulted in a series of large blue fields.

This is all thanks to the newly minted blue accounts, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] (registered on February, 22).

Such prowess from novice agents is a joy to behold!

Evidently, the plan was for [REDACTED] to farm anchor keys and for [REDACTED] to create fields. Unfortunately, they immediately met countermeasures from the local Enlightened. However, their elder associate, [REDACTED] (registered on Feb 21) quickly came to their help, masterfully cross-linking the Enlightened agent's couch portal.

To facilitate everything, [REDACTED] account had been registered as green from the very beginning.

At first, 27 layers were made.

At that point, the Enlightened realized that their efforts were in vain and decided against taking any other measures. [REDACTED] continued farming keys, and [REDACTED] continued fielding.

The resulting fields:

In total, 79 fields for 3.5M MU.

I wrote this post because I've already asked the customer support to give the aforementioned agents their just rewards (petitions 16198829, 16198868, 16198884), but unfortunately still no reward.

Thus, I'd like to make this information public.

Make your own conclusions.

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