Remove nominations from Ingress into a separate app

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Ingress, PoGo and now Wizards Unite use POIs from the same Niantic Real World Platform. There is a constant tussle between different views about what does and doesn't make a valid POI and rolling out nominations to more countries or levels in each game.

Less then a day after the launch of Wizards Unite there is yet another player/fan base demanding the ability to add POIs. No doubt there will be more AR games in future using the same platform and the same problems will arise. As it stands the burden of reviewing nominations (OPR) is still on Ingress players.

So here is my suggestion.

  • Remove nominations from Ingress and PoGo entirely. Do not add nominations to Wizard Unite, ever.
  • Make the nomination and review process completely independent of the actual games.
  • Create a separate Niantic Real World Platform field nomination app which can see existing and pending POIs in the surrounding area regardless of which game they are in. This will help avoid duplicates, especially POIs which are already Ingress portals but do not appear in PoGo.
  • Allow players of any NRWP-based game who have reached a certain level (st the bar high) to use the field nomination app. One account and one set of nominations per person regardless of how many games they play. Include a test before they can nominate anything and start with only a small number of nominations each fortnight.
  • Allow players of any NRWP-based game who have reached a certain level and passed the required test to review nominations. The threshold should be high to improve POI quality.
  • Tie the number of nominations you get to the quality of your previous nominations and your review rating. If you continuously submit junk, the number of nominations you get is reduced or suspended (and as a last resort revoked). If your nominations are consistently rated as high quality, you get more. This is a balance of carrot and stick.
  • Tie nominations to reviews. If you don't review or have poor performance, you don't don't get additional nominations above the base level. This helps keep the queue manageable.
  • Approved POIs can (not necessarily will) then be ported into the different games depending on the spacing requirements of each game.
  • Include edits and reporting invalid POIs in the field app. Require supporting photos and information to be added when reporting an invalid POI. This will speed up processing of invalid POIs and save a lot of time if additional evidence (eg. current location and context photo) can be submitted at the time of the report rather than having to file an appeal weeks later.
  • The reward for a successful nomination can be redeemed as AP/XP in any of the Niantic games they play (but only one).

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