[2.89.1] Log-in buttons have active hitbox during startup, causing it to interrupt

During startup, when the scanner is showing the Niantic Lightship logo, the "Sign in" and "New account" buttons that are normally only visible if your're logged out have an active hitbox. Tapping the screen and hitting that hitbox interrupts the startup and throws you to the sign in page. Closing Ingress and starting it again, this time without tapping anything, loads the game like normal, meaning you don't actually get logged out.

OnePlus 8 Pro
v 2.89.1
Android 11
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  • IshiraIshira ✭✭✭✭✭

    I can say this happens with me too!

    Galaxynote20 5g

    It also happens when I get a notification from a different ap as the game is loading.

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