February 2022 Second Sunday

Another Second Sunday came upon us, Feb 2022, the first for the new Second Sunday Medal.

So, 37 registered with the Wonderful Bot from DhrMekmek giving us a collection point for stats and selfies.... 

Talking of Stats

15 RES, 22 ENL agents (total 37)

3.8M RES AP Gain, 5.4M ENL AP Gain (9.2M total)

9.3M RES Recharge, 20.3M ENL Recharge (29.6M total)

184km RES walked, 224km ENL walked (408km total)

145 RES unique missions, 259 ENL unique missions (404 total)

Cold, Wet, but Fun was had.... Oh and New Medal for all those doing six missions



  • It was great fun, despite the weather, and lovely to get a new medal as well as mission banners for the scanner. Many thanks to those mission authors out there who continue to give us interesting missions to do while exploring both new and familiar places.

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