Doubled red key locker

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Dear support, the red keylocker ist doubled. I have restarted, delete cache an new installed prime. Nothing helps. Also after one day still in inventory. Agent name frigg3013. What can I do?

Thanks Barbara

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  • KeitaNKJMKeitaNKJM ✭✭
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    Scanner malfunction (key locker)

    On February 15th, the key locker (EE1E5E58) suddenly duplicated during play.

    Two identical key locer will be present in the scanner.

    At that time, there was no particular problem in putting in and taking out the keys with one key locker, so I continued to use it.

    When I tried to play today, when I tried to put in and take out the key contained in the key locker, I could not take out the key.

    The key itself is supposed to have 99 inside, but it cannot be taken out.

    As it is, normal play will not be possible, so please take action.

    Agent Name KeitaNKJM

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  • Dear support, the black

    keylocker ist doubled. I have restarted, delete cache an new installed prime. Nothing helps. Also after one day still in inventory. Agent name foo32 What can I do?

  • Thanks for reaching out, Agents! I've shared this with the team to look into it. I'll get back to you as and when I get more info.

  • @frigg3013 @foo32

    We need the unique IDs of the capsules in question. Can you share those? We should we able to get you taken care of once we have that information.

    cc @NianticVK

  • Dear Support

    It has happened that keylocker is doubled in my inventory. Could you fix it?

    Agent name: ddhhtxvg

    IDs of keylocker: 4EDD6DBF

    Thank you.

  • @KeitaNKJM @ddhhtxvg The duplicate should be removed; please let us know if you can access the original now!

  • Thank you very much!

  • I also have a duplicated key locker. As with others, it was okay at first but now I can’t see any keys in either version of the key locker, despite it having 99 keys in it.

    agentname: KealaLyn

    key locker I’d: 99B725FF

  • @NianticThia any chance you can help? My key locker hasn’t worked properly for over a week. I posted here on 2/28. Thanks

  • I know this has already been reported as a bug. I have responded twice to an existing bug report but no one has responded.

    One of my key lockers has duplicated itself. I cannot access keys in either version of the locker. One version says it has 0 keys, the other 99 keys.

    the other bug report asked for the key locker id. Any assistance will be appreciated. All of those keys are useless and likely the portals have all decayed. Thanks

    key locker Id: 99B725FF

  • Have you submitted a ticket of your own on the site? (click the chat icon in the bottom right)

  • @KealaLyn I'm taking a look now; please make sure you are contacting support for issues so we can track!

    *five minutes pass

    The duplicate has been removed; you should now be able able to use the original.

  • foo32foo32 ✭✭

    Dear Support,

    ID of the black Key Locker:2802BCD2

    agent Name:foo32

  • @foo32 Please submit a ticket via in-app support. We'll take it from there.

  • @foo32 I removed the duplicate; you should be able to interact with the one that's left now!

  • I'm going to close this thread...

    @frigg3013 if you're still experiencing this issue, please contact support and provide the locker ID of the duplicate so we can fix it for youl

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