[Bug] Drag action continues after glyphing aborts

When you start a Glyph Hack for a portal that is currently on cooldown, it aborts the hack midway through the Command Channel. However, as you don't know it's going to abort (or why would you have started the glyph hack), you begin entering commands like More or Complex.

When the Glyph Hack aborts, the drag motion is immediately transferred to the map before you have a chance to stop it, and suddenly your map is rotated.

This is bad UX. Just outright bad.

An action begun in one context, should not automatically affect a new context without a transition (e.g. a new drag start event). Dragging on the glyph screen should not rotate the map, as the drag was not started on the map. The user has no context to know what they're affecting until it's too late.

This has been an issue since Prime was released, and remains an issue years later.

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