Cannot hack -XM overload

I have 1970 items (all keys are in key caps) & cannot hack, I get `XM overload, too many items` on every try,

I have dropped caps, recycled other gear, cleared cache, relaunched, restarted phone etc all to no avail

This is putting my sojourner & epoch at risk, which will prevent my leveling up, as both are required to get to 16th level (currently badge locked at 12th)

Please help before it's no longer worth playing,

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  • Happened again.

    Capsule error:

    Could not load 100 keys, Key cap disappeared, keys not shown - too many items to hack...

    Several power cycles & phone restarts resolved.

    Earlier in day `Communications channel too hot` error notice. (this was mid Kuruze event).

    With all the extra activity this is understandable - almost - except with Catan & Wizards Unite being pulled there should be less load on servers not too much...

  • Sorry for the delay, @SpeedLockedNZ! Please reach out to us via in-app support. One of our agents will take a closer look into this.

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